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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Julia Perez Show Off Her Half Breast



Julia Perez has no hesitance to show off her half naked breast in Makassar. Although she had stated that she would turn her performance into a more elegant one. She is still continuing to expose her sex appeal in public.

Julia Perez performed a show in a night club in Makassar which titled as "Sparkling With Jupe". Wearing a super tight night gown, Julia Perez greeted her fans and started her show by singing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. When the atmosphere became hotter, she then showed off her skill to be a disc jockey.

Through the touch of her hand, the strains of techo-trance anesthetized her fans. They then fell onto the dance floor to sway. Julia Perez closed her performance in Makassar by singing her popular song "Belah Duren."

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