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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sarbaini’s Inquest: ‘Not Suicide, Not Murder’

A police witness says Ahmad Sarbaini had fallen while trying to leave through a window at a pantry on the third floor of the FT MACC building.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Coroner’s Court was today told that Selangor Customs assistant director Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed did not commit suicide nor was he murdered.
DSP Sharul Othman Mansor, 49,from the Bukit Aman Forensic Laboratory, said Ahmad Sarbaini had fallen while trying to leave through a window at a pantry on the third floor of the Federal Territory Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building.
He believed Ahmad Sarbaini attempted to jump to the roof nearby, but fell and landed on the badminton court on the first floor of the building.
The second witness, who was today called back to testify in the inquest into Ahmad Sarbaini’s death, said that from the window at the pantry, the roof looked near, but the actual distance was 3.02 metres.
Sharul Othman also said that from investigation conducted, he found the location of Ahmad Sarbaini’s body parallel to the window and after examining the body, noticed white paint mark on the buckle of the belt and trousers worn by the victim.
“Check at the pantry also found a scratch of about four centimetres on the window wall near the sink, where the deceased was believed to have attempted to leave through,” he said when questioned by lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who represented MACC.
Questioned by lawyer Awtar Singh, who represented Ahmad Sarbaini’s family, why there was no white paint mark on the cover of the deceased’s handphone, Sharul Othman said the handphone cover was on the right side of the deceased’s waist.
He said there was no evidence of a third party involvement in Ahmad Sarbaini’s death because there was no mark or sign of struggle found in the pantry.
“If a struggle had taken place, there would have been dirty marks on the shoe soles and finger prints in the room and there was also no sign of injury found, except the blood from his mouth due to the fall.
“The shirt worn by the deceased was also not torn and the buttons were intact,” he added. No Alcohol drug or poison.
Sharul Othman said the rooms of the MACC officers, including that of assistant superintendent Sheikh Niza Khairy Sheikh Mohamad, was also neat and in order, as well as the witness room and the pantry on the third floor.
Earlier, Dr Mohd Sukri Hassan, 49, from the Chemistry Department, said analysis conducted on Ahmad Sarbaini’s blood specimen, urine and stomach content found they did not contain alcohol, drug and poison.
Meanwhile, Saiful Fazamil Mohd Ali, 36, also from the Chemistry Department, said he conducted checks on two white paint specimens and found them to be similar.
“They could come from the same source, but don’t know where the paint was from,” he added.
Ahmad Sarbani, who was attached to the Port Klang Customs office, was found dead at the badminton court on the first floor of the Federal Territory MACC building at Jalan Cochrane here on April 6 this year.
He was reported to have gone to the office voluntarily to meet with a MACC investigating officer concerning a probe into a corruption case, involving 62 Customs officers.
The hearing before Coroner Aizatul Akmal Maharani continues on Aug 2. - Bernama
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