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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Mother Rape Her Own 15 Year Old Son


Aimee Sword – These Aimee Sword pictures show the Waterford Michigan woman who was arrested for tracking down her minor son she gave up for adoption ten years ago, then had sex with him.

Aimee Sword searched for the boy online, and when she found him. Officials say the boy is still a minor and she was arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor. She was later released on bond.


Aimee Sword of Waterford, Michigan – a township near Detroit, put the boy up for adoption more than 10 years ago, but officials won’t say whether the boy knew she was his biological mother.

Aimee Louise Sword aka Aimee Pope charged with sexual misconduct with a minor

“I don’t think I’ve heard of another case like this in my career,” said Dr. Gerald Shiener, chief of Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit.

Our first reaction to hearing about something like this is that this is every man’s nightmare. It’s an abomination. I’m at a loss for words because it’s something that we consider to be so out of the normal, so prohibited in every culture that it unnerves every man just to think about it.”



On her MySpace page, she uses the name Aimee Pope and seems to identify with ‘lil Kim as a role model:

* Aimee: She rises during the worst of obstacles….Quoted by people magizine about lil kim….Reminded me of myself…. Mood:Strong (az alway
Posted at 10:58 AM Aug 29 from mobile
* Aimee: Y u buzy bodiez so consumed wit me?U all r pathetic! Lol… Mood:Jus shakin my he

Aimee Sword aka Aimee Pope is maintaining her presumption of innocence in the case.

And that’s the latest chatter about Aimee Pope aka Aimee Sword.

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