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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emmy Rossum Is Tired Of Nude Scenes Questions


Here's the naked truth -- Emmy Rossum may bare-all in scenes on her television show, Shameless, but that doesn't mean she wants to talk about it. The actress made it clear at Thursday’s Showtime Panel at San Diego Comic-Con that she’s really tired of answering questions about her nudity and sex scenes.

After the moderator asked her about her thoughts on nudity, Rossum frustratingly states, “I’m so tired of answering this’s so inane that it’s such a big if someone takes off their clothes, that’s such a big deal.

There’s such a stupid stigma about it. It’s just a body. It doesn’t say anything about who you are inside.” Does she not realize what a sex-crazed country we are?

Clearly Rossum wants to be noted for her abilities as an actress, not her abilities to undress. The actress goes on to explain, “I think I revealed way more in the show in scenes where I got to be unattractive and angry and bitter and lonely...than I ever did in a scene when I’m having sex with my boyfriend.

It doesn’t seem all that much to me, but it seems that people are all in a tizzy.” She has to forgive us with our infatuation with these scenes -- she has to remember that we're used to seeing a young, doe-eyed Christine Daae in feature film version of the Phantom of the Opera. So it may take us more than one season with her on the series to view her in a different light (fully clothed or not).

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